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Niklas Eichten
Content Production & Creative Manager

Niklas is a trained videographer and is responsible for the entire content creation on all social media and web platforms at PALMYLES. In addition to PALMYLES, he is now studying Dual Media Management & Communication to gain more experience in order to produce the best content for you. In his free time he likes to be out and about in his Bulli.

Tom Hauser
CEO & Production Manager

Tom is our man for everything, but primarily responsible for strategic management and brand building. After "Poké You" (healthy food chain), PALMYLES is already his second company foundation. When Tom isn't in contact with our producers in Istanbul, he's probably on the F1 track at McLaren and, as Hospitality Manager, takes care of the gastro

Bendix Kruse
Developer & Performance Marketing

Bendix was born in the matrix or lives there, in any case he takes care of all e-commerce topics for us. Between creators, rappers and CFOs, he has been programming apps and websites since his youth. Creative ideas and smart design inspire him. A good record of hip-hop and a cold beer are the perfect basis for a productive session for Bendix.

The world as we like it.

"We make the world the way we like it." According to this motto, we manufacture high-quality, smart and modern products that we are firmly convinced that you will like too. On this journey, design, function and sustainability are in the foreground. PALMYLES stands for sophisticated, smart style, which we want to create and celebrate with iconic looks.

To the best shorts in the world.

We were looking for THE ONE - a pair of shorts for every situation. Our vision is to create the perfect everyday shorts that you can also swim in. We try to combine efficiency and comfort and create shorts that meet our high standards of innovation and quality. Our modern, detailed designs and the casual cut can be effortlessly combined with any style. We love lifestyle and "La Dolce Vita"! We want to take the complexity out of a world of mass consumption and convenience - do more with less!

The idea.

We want to take your lifestyle to the next level. No matter where you are, you'll never want to take off your PALMYLES shorts again. We came up with the idea of ​​developing new types of shorts that combine the properties of swimming trunks, shorts and track pants to prepare you for every scenario. Our shorts not only make a statement with their bright colors and memorable patterns, but also with their high-quality feel and smart functionality. A long development and realization process, at the end of which there is an innovative and high-quality product that we are proud of!

Features that revolutionize.

Things that always bothered us with existing shorts, we have creatively improved and thought further! We want to make your life smarter with creative ideas and features:

  • All-rounder - we have simply combined design, cut and distinctive features of different types of pants!
  • Extra side pocket with zip - never lose valuables that fall out of your pants pocket again!
  • Sewn-in mesh - everyone knows that annoying inner mesh in swimming trunks... we removed it and reinvented it!
  • Endless details - Each pair of shorts is made from 54 individual parts... The embroidered relief logo or the individually manufactured key loop provide the finishing touch.

Designed in Hamburg, Made in Istanbul.

The starting point of every production marks the definition of the quality that is to be achieved... Right from the start, PALMYLES chooses the path of affordable premium quality. We found them in Turkey near Istanbul. This is where our shorts are meticulously handcrafted from high-quality polyester. From the fabric and yarn to the labels, all materials are sourced locally. A trusting and long-term relationship with our production partner is important to us, which is why we are regularly on site for agreements and quality checks.

We love pizza...

Why not try something new? The moment you hold your PALMYLES shorts in your hands for the first time should be remembered! That's why we thought of doing without the boring standard shipping boxes and packing our shorts in a cool designed pizza box... this is natural and unbleached. Since we are always as impatient for orders as you are, we try to deliver every package within 2-3 working days with environmentally friendly DHL Go Green shipping.




Our environment. The future.

We want to set a good example and inspire other people to be more aware and responsible for our environment through our fair and durable products. Knowing that the fast-moving world of fashion and online mail order have a big impact on this, we try to reduce the seasonal fashion waste with our durable well-designed shorts by promoting them and also encouraging to use them all-round and to buy less clothing overall, but more consciously. We reduce packaging waste by using sustainable natural cardboard and not using plastic.

Certified Factories.

Transparency plays a major role on this path. We would like to disclose our production process to you as much as possible and show you the life cycle of the products. A key decision criterion for our partner factory in Istanbul was the award of the BSCI certificate, which guarantees strict environmental and social standards along the entire production chain. In addition, our shorts are made according to the AMFORI standard! The aim of the initiative is to improve working conditions worldwide. We pay attention to fair wages, do without middlemen and try to reduce the transport burden by having suppliers close to the factory.

It still gets better...

We at PALMYLES want to develop into a thoroughly sustainable company in the long term. One of our major goals is to one day close the loop and use recycled materials in our products. We are always looking for more sustainable ways and try to implement new, environmentally friendly innovations in our value chain. This path is very important to us as founders and is carried out step by step, whereby we would like to learn from others and are grateful for inspiration or suggestions for improvement.

Our production is certified.

Our fellow human beings are important to us, which is why we stand for fair production and working conditions.


We had to surf over high waves

The development of our high-quality shorts with great attention to detail has already cost a lot of energy. Full of anticipation, we captured our ideas in videos and photos and prepared them perfectly for the launch in summer 2021. After 2 weekends of studio production, 4 days in Mallorca, more than 6 months of planning & production of the shorts, an email fluttered in 1 week before the launch. By whom? By a lawyer. With the subject: "Warning for trademark infringement".

And now - land under? Not with us!

After the email we sat down and thought about what to do. But first we were paralyzed. We heard the brand that warned us for the first time. And our trademark was registered with the DPMA from the start. How could something like this happen to us and why just before the launch. Of course, the questions piled up: What are we going to do with all the swimming trunks, what's next and what about all the money we've worked hard to invest in the idea. Of course, summer was just around the corner. If anyone wants swimming trunks, now is the time! After we had organized a lawyer on the same day, who immediately advised us against taking action against it, we had to wait months to clarify the case. In September it was also clear: We are waiting for summer 2022. With new names and new ideas.

After almost a whole year of building all our visions on the basis of a name and our logo being printed, embroidered and glued in all different ways and variations, it was a challenge to part with it and find a new name. So we did countless brainstorming sessions and flooded our WhatsApp group with new names every day. We found that there was one element that kept popping up during our trip to Mallorca and the production: we love palm trees. We are immediately in a good mood when we stand between palm trees. What would it be like to live on a small island with palm trees? Our new name was born from this idea:



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